A Senior’s Guide to Car Insurance

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As you evaluate your car insurance or motorcycle insurance policy, you may decide the current policy doesn’t suit your needs anymore.  Perhaps the company doesn’t have cheap car insurance alternatives in your lovely city of Richmond VA.  Use this article as a guide to better, yet affordable auto insurance.

To find the best car insurance or motorcycle insurance, focus on the types of coverage.  The coverage operates based on deductibles, the Virginia state minimum, and type of policy chosen.


  • Collision – It pays for car damage after an accident.
  • Liability – It covers the other car’s driver and passengers when the accident is your fault. It won’t cover you or your passengers.
  • Property Damage – A type of liability insurance where
  • Bodily Injury – A type of liability insurance made for medical expenses. If you’re at fault, this insurance type will pay for injuries in the other vehicle.
  • Personal Injury – It covers you and your passengers’ injuries and lost wages in a car accident.
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist – Fixes your car when a driver with no coverage or not enough coverage hits it.
  • Comprehensive – When theft, vandalism, or damage occurs, this will pay for your car. It cannot be in or during an accident.


Determine the coverage you need and seek companies with the exact coverage.  Don’t focus solely on top car insurance companies.  Add local and regional auto insurance companies to the mix.  From there, examine how the company operates.  Do exclusive agents, brokers, or direct providers run the operation?  Captive agents, or exclusive agents, campaign for one company.  Brokers campaign for many companies.  Direct providers cut the intermediary and sell insurance directly to you.  Which operation do you prefer?  Prior to research, know the state minimum coverage and calculate if the minimum is enough.  Additionally, have a budget in place.

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Begin the research at the state department of insurance.  Search the website to ensure all potential companies have a license.  You can also call if a website isn’t available.  Then, sites like A.M. Best and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for credibility.  A.M. Best, Standard & Poors, and similar companies hold the standard for a company’s financial stability.  Great financial stability means the insurance company will fulfill any claims submitted.  Along with the BBB, read company reviews online and find the complaint ratio from the state department of insurance in your state and in other states.

The easy part is comparing auto insurance rates.  Buyers with no company preference can begin with general insurance websites such as insurance.com.  Fill out the online form honestly and thoroughly to obtain an accurate insurance quote.  Depending on the company, the quote derives from a phone call, a local agent, or immediately after filling out the form.  Call insurance companies where an online form isn’t available.  Factor in discounts and savings programs.  Based on the initial quote minus any discounts and savings, the final estimate decides if the car insurance quote is a good deal.  One deciding factor is the deductible.  High deductibles lower the monthly premium.  Low deductibles raise the monthly premium.

As stated before, use this as a guideline to discover the best Richmond insurance company.  It takes more research than comparing rates to find a reputable company.  Pay careful attention to the state minimums.  While not mentioned in this article, necessities like no-fault insurance are required in 12 states.  Consider glass insurance and towing insurance for windshield damage and towing services respectively.

Male Infertility Tips for Seniors

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Infertility is a problem that faces more than 11 percent of the couples that are trying to have children, according to statistics provided by Baby Center. The definition of infertility is the inability of a couple to conceive a child after a period of 12 months of trying. Both males and females can contribute to a unified infertility problem. The woman can contribute to an infertility problem because of their age, damaged fallopian tubes, early menopause, health issues and the like. Males can contribute to infertility in the following manners:

Low Sperm Count

One of the most common infertility issues in men is a low sperm count. It’s one of the first aspects that a fertility doctor will check when a couple fails to conceive a child within 12 months. A fertility specialist will take a sample of the male’s semen and run a test to see if he is producing enough sperm. A healthy male produces about 200 million sperm in one batch of semen. Males can have problems with their sperm because of a variety of problems such as genetic disorders, urinary tract infections, fevers and various toxins. The remedy that the fertility specialist uses will depend on the reason for the low count. The fertility clinic may have to do extensive testing to find the cause.

Ejaculation Issues

A man must ejaculate properly for the sperm to get into the women’s womb and create a child. Premature ejaculation can result in a “miss” if it occurs outside the vagina. Retrograde ejaculation is another issue that some men have that requires an infertility doctor or infertility specialist. Retrograde ejaculation is a condition in which the semen routes to the bladder instead of coming out in the ejaculate. In some cases, males have blocked ejaculatory ducts.

Drug and Alcohol Use



Drug and alcohol use can cause a wealth of health problems for a male, including retarded sperm production. Drug and alcohol abuse can cause sperm to be defective, as well. Furthermore, the use of a harmful substance can delay or prevent a male from being able to ejaculate. The infertility clinic or infertility specialist will ask a series of questions that may sway the male to disclose such habits. Drug and alcohol abuse has a quick remedy: detoxification. The fertility treatment center can help to encourage the male to stop using drugs so that his family can grow.

Poor Nutrition

Poor nutrition can cause an underproduction of sperm. The infertility treatment center may have a specialist that can point the male in the direction of some healthy dietary choices. Vitamins and minerals can get his reproductive system back on track as well.


Some medications can slow down the male’s reproductive system. An examples of such medications are high blood pressure medicines, arthritis medications, depression pills and medication for a digestive disorders.

Venereal Disease

Venereal disease such as gonorrhea can cause scarring and blocking in the male reproductive systems. The male may not know that he has such a disease.

Visit an Infertility Clinic Today

A man can visit a fertility clinic and speak to a specialist about the problem. The fertility doctor will try to get to the root of the problem right away. The facility’s goal is for every visitor to have the ability to create life by the end of the treatment plan.

The Benefits Of In-Home Senior Care

senior-careAs seniors grow older, the desire to remain independent and most of all, in their own home can be strong. Yet, at the same time, many senior adults could benefit from professional senior assistance. Senior care services provide the ideal solution by allowing seniors to remain in their own home while ensuring they also stay safe and healthy.

Seniors of all ages are able to benefit from senior home care in a variety of ways. Senior home care is suitable for in a variety of situations, including for seniors who are disabled, chronically ill, or recovering from surgery. Even those individuals who simply require a little additional senior assistance in order to remain in their own home rather than moving to a care facility can benefit from senior care services. Seniors and their families will also often find that senior home care is much more affordable than a senior care facility.

Providing care to seniors in their home also allows them the benefit of being able to remain in familiar surroundings. The value of this cannot be understated. Families often find that senior care helps their family members to avoid the effects of moving into a new environment, which can often be quite traumatic.

Senior assistance can also provide consistency and stability in care since only a dedicated team or staff member will be providing care to the individual. This makes it possible to build a more personal relationship between the caregiver and the senior, thus improving the senior’s behavior and mood.


Types of Senior Care Services Available
Services available through senior care can vary based on the needs of the individual. For instance, some seniors may be in relatively good health, but simply may not be able to get around the way they once could. In such situations, homemaker services, including light housekeeping could be of benefit.

Among the most common health considerations among many seniors today is depression. This is often attributed to loneliness. To assist in alleviating the risk of depression, which can aggravate other health conditions, senior assistance might also include companionship and encouraging the senior to get out and talk walks in order to stay physically active. Playing cards and simply reminiscing can also help seniors to keep their minds active.

Senior home care can also be suitable for situations in which support personnel and family members need respite. Other examples of care provided by senior services include medication reminders and even transportation.

Through the provision of in-home care, it is no longer necessary for seniors to leave home as frequently, which can be highly beneficial for individuals who are unable to move or who are walker or wheelchair-bound.

Senior assistants are also able to provide important hygienic and personal care. Many times, as an individual grows older, he or she finds it more difficult to bathe or shower. A senior assistant can visit the senior’s home several times weekly to help the senior shower, groom, and dress. Trained assistants may also help with emptying catheter bags, changing dressings, and performing wound care. Qualified care assistants can also assist in handling the senior’s medical needs. Working under the direction of a primary physician, the assistant can insert catheters, take vitals, apply pain patches, and administer medication while also assessing overall health.


Choosing Senior Care Services
When choosing a senior service for a family member or loved one, it is naturally important to do so with care. Senior care providers are highly trained and experienced in providing a variety of in-home services. Many such care services also offer specialized services for individuals with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

Welcoming a Senior Caregiver Into your Home

The initial stages of your in-home senior care relationship can be a bit awkward. The good news is that is just like any other relationship where you must practice patients, mutual respect and making an effort to share and listen.  There is someone you essentially do not know in your home or your loved ones home multiple times each week. It is important that you are able to become comfortable with the caregiver and make him or her feel welcome so you can facilitate open communication and trust. If you are in this situation or have an elderly relative that is, here are a few tips for making those first weeks a little easier.

Take Time to Talk About Them

senior helping another seniorWhen you speak with your in-home senior care provider, whether its a Seniors Helping Seniors staff member take time to talk about more than just your loved one.  While their care is of the utmost importance, you want to get to know the person who is caring for them. Find out what makes them tick and make sure they are a good match and passionate about caring for seniors.  Part of that is acknowledging him or her as a whole person, not just as an employee.  A few questions showing you care can make a big difference. The following are some good examples to get you started.

1. How long have you been a caretaker for?

2. What got you started in elder care services?

3. How would you describe your personality?

4. What are your hobbies?

By asking these questions you not only make the caretaker feel like they are important to you but it helps you gauge how well of a math they are for you or a loved one you are finding care for. Maybe you share similar hobbies or interests, and maybe you can find someone with a similar personality. While its important not to get too caught up in first impressions, its still a good thing to pay attention to.

Make Your Home Comfortable

It can be very awkward to suddenly find yourself in another’s home while feeling unsure of what to do.  Work to make certain your home is comfortable to your caregiver.  This means giving a full and detailed tour, making certain they have everything they might need, and perhaps having a bottle of water ready for when they arrive.  These are simple, small things that can make him or her feel more comfortable.

Invite Them into our Family

Not every in-home care provider for the elderly will be comfortable with this.  However, some will appreciate the gesture.  It can also make you feel more comfortable with the arrangement.  If there is going to be a family lunch, extend the invitation and give a small gift at the holidays.  Whenever it is appropriate, try to make them feel included and you will make a friend for life.